How are we being brainwashed?

The main goals of zombies are the creation of a consumer society and the creation of a society that will be programmed to self-destruct. All this is done for the benefit of individuals. But you will not know who these faces are. They do not need fame. They prefer power.

A consumer society is a way to rob the masses of people without breaking the law. As soon as a person has money, he is immediately offered to spend it. A person is convinced that he just needs one thing or another. And if a person earned more money, then they say to him: you are now rich, which means you need to move to another level. And the person agrees. And then they say to him: now you, mate, must correspond to this level. Gruzdev called himself get in the body. So, spend more money. You need to be prestigious, fashionable and fit the society in which you rotate.

Thus, a person is forced to spend more and more money, which makes him engage in earning this money all the time. Only now he can do it, risking and breaking the law. Pleasure and luxury are delayed. You quickly get used to good things. Therefore, many people squander everything they have, failing to save some capital. Many sit down on drugs or go to play in a casino and end up badly their lives.

There is no clear separation between rich and poor. This would cause a lot of protests and outrage. Therefore, people still allow a little rich, but only to immediately rob them.

So, how does a zombie work? Many people think that for this they use some kind of waves or some other technology. Everything is actually much simpler.

Have you ever wondered why we see the same ad every day, several times a day? Yes, this is a cramming method! We just involuntarily memorize something by the method of multiple repetitions.

Women are told that they must meet certain standards. A modern woman should be a bitch and pull out money from her gentleman as much as possible. Children to give birth and bring up is not necessary. Be a mistress too. It is better to buy a dishwasher, multicooker, microwave. And even better - eat in a restaurant. And children drive to McDonald’s. Fashion plays a big role. Its variability makes it possible to rob people regularly and systematically.

Men are told: buy such a razor and such some toilet water. And only then will you become a real man. And if you do not have a decent car, then you are not human at all.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wealth. But in this race of the consumer society, you can stumble, fall and not get up. This is a game in which we do not set the rules.

We are fed up like chickens, adding some kind of food additives. And then they offer drugs and slimming products. We do not want to cure, and are going to heal for life until death. We are forced to buy drugs and take them all my life, and so pay for life. Even better, the doctor will prescribe you several drugs.

But the worst of all is the substitution of true human values ​​for false ones. A man begins to be proud of the fact that he is not very clever, that he is prone to violence, or that he has a bad temper. And so on. And this is already done not only for profit, but also for people to destroy each other. Less people - more oxygen.

The list of these methods can be continued, but I will not do that. Within the framework of one article you cannot write everything. The topic is too wide. Maybe for someone I didn’t discover anything new, but many didn’t know that either, I'm sure. After all, zombies are doing their job. We don't want to get smarter. After all, how simple and good when someone thinks for us.

We can not refuse consumption. But we must preserve some universal human values. And consumption should move from the first to the second plan. We should not turn into broiler chickens, which the powerful of the world are trying to make of us. They are not lazy and become smarter, so they are higher than us in the evolutionary chain. And we will have to die out, unless we find the strength and desire to become smarter.

We must stop going with the flow and do what advertising tells us. Advertising that cleverly disguised as anything.

Watch the video: Are We Brainwashed by Imagery?: Bret Primack at TEDxTucson 2013 (January 2020).


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