What excuse for inaction is the most frequent in the world?

Taking any real steps or making excuses?

Just answer truthfully. You can only deceive yourself. And you need it? If yes, then you can not read further. Will not help.

You know, I do not understand people who set themselves barriers in advance and give up, even without starting, without even making a single attempt.

But this is not enough, they are ready to lower you to their level. If only you did not succeed. Whatever you say or do, they will crush you with their limitations, excuses, pessimism, and getting stuck in bad luck.

Some of them do this without any ulterior motive. Just because they are accustomed to think so and no longer know how differently.

But by doing so they bring confusion and doubt into your bright head. Do you want to continue to listen to such people?

What can I say, and I myself often unconsciously begin to build conjectures, why any undertaking will fail or impossible. But I have already learned to realize that I am beginning to look for excuses for my inaction, and stop such thoughts in the bud.

Listen to the words of the people when they explain that they have failed or will not succeed. They will give you a bunch of arguments and explanations in which the laws, circumstances, and other people are guilty.

They consider themselves objective. But is this objectivity? These are the most terry rationalizations. Excuses wrapped in wrappers "reasonable" arguments.

Do you want to reach the goal or have a cart and a small cart of excuses?

I believe that the first. But then why this burden of excuses, pulling you back? If desired, an excuse or explanation can be found the most stupid and unmotivated actions.

Our mind can do this faster than lightning. You do not even have time to realize that you have come up with an excuse. Freud's famous experiment with a hypnotized woman is one of the best examples of this.

A woman, immersed in a trance, was given a suggestion: when she was taken out of a trance, and the experimenter touched her tie, she would take an umbrella standing in the corner of the room, but she would forget the fact of such suggestion.

On her way out of trance, Freud touched his tie. The woman immediately got up from the chair, walked to the other end of the room and took an umbrella. When they asked her why she did it, she answered without hesitation: “This umbrella is like mine. I wanted to check if I left him here last time. ”

A rather reasonable explanation at first sight, isn't it? Indeed, do not stand with a stupid look and talk about the "inner urge to take an umbrella" when you do not remember the suggestion?

And how many such excuses with a sauce of rationalizations our quick mind produces during the day, you can not even imagine.

Become conscious, try at least one day to observe yourself honestly. Most likely, you will be very surprised at the cunningness of your mind, the purpose of which is to stay in the comfort zone, that is, not to do anything new.

Do you know what is the most frequent excuse for inaction in the world? "I have no money".

This can be heard all the time. I also sometimes say so to myself, fully aware of my own cunning in front of me. This is nothing more than shifting responsibility for their inaction to circumstances.

But is money really necessary? Yes, they are good, but they are not important at all.

Which of the famous businessmen, artists, writers, they were at the beginning of their careers? Yes, they all started almost from laborers!

Isn't it better, instead of concentrating on lack of money, to pay attention to your bright ideas, clear mind, imagination, willpower, hard work, people who are ready to help or support you? ... And start acting.

One of the most famous Western Internet businessmen and the author of many books, Joe Vitale (or rather, Weiteli, but so we used to name him here in Rush) said: “When you have a goal, listen to your heart, not pessimists and whiners”.

Why don't you turn the rationalization out of the way that you feed yourself and feed you? Begin to find the reasons why you can achieve this or that goal. Make it your habit.

Have the courage to realize your most ambitious goals. In the end, if others succeed, then why are you worse than them?

Remember what your dream is? And what are you ready to do to achieve it, regardless of the conversations and doubts of others? Only to read this article and not to remember what was written in a minute?

Watch the video: How to Deal With Hypocritical Activists, Politicians, and Charities. Nat Ware. TEDxOxford (January 2020).


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