How to avoid a fight, or Bute - run !!!

So, the first rule of a fighting teapot is in such a simple formula that the one who runs away from the fight will get the greatest success in this matter. That is why, at the first signs of a maturing fight, we make legs in hands. This hundreds of times proven technique without an option beats the enemy outright. Of course, it is appropriate when the fight is not a fundamental clarification of the one-on-one relationship, and by your departure from the battlefield you do not leave a friend, beloved wife or adored mother-in-law helpless in the hands of evil hooligans. In a word, when the number of opponents clearly exceeds the number of fingers that are not yet broken on your hands - run.

Advice is good, but not always executable And therefore we will discuss what to do if we could not escape from the fight. Firstly, no matter how strange it may seem, the stronger and more the enemy, the sooner you should break into him first. It is always extremely disorienting. In the case when there are several opponents, the leader should break in (and there is always one, though he does not always stand out from the crowd). But usually it is he who formulates the claims "on behalf of a group of comrades." Let's say you: 1) Looks like an idiot, 2) Did not offer the boys a cigarette, 3) Turned out in the quarter that is controlled by this particular “group of comrades”, and so on.

Secondly, before you break in, you need to familiarize yourself with the four most vulnerable and painful points. And these include the nose, throat, eyes and groin. Special strength is not needed here, the main thing is to observe the effect of surprise. To do this, for example, you can pretend that you are straightening your hair or a tie, then a short, and most importantly accurate movement to get into one of the above-mentioned parts of the body. If you have something in your hands, say a briefcase, throw it directly into the hands of the enemy (you can add a shout: “Catch!”). An amazing thing, but when someone offers to catch something, he instinctively catches. Although sometimes, which is extremely rare, it still repels a flying thing from itself. But this also suits us - at this moment his hands are lowered and attention is taken. The enemy is not ready to attack and its reflection. Beat it. And, if you are dealing with a company, while the “group of comrades” is digesting what happened, you need to try again to retire. But not running, but walking. Proudly ... and fast.

Let's go back to the beginning. If you still have not left intentions to dodge the fight, turn on the affect. This is when your opponent suddenly realizes that he faces a complete psycho. Do not dissuade him from this, but, on the contrary, push this circumstance. Remember that psychos do not like and try not to get involved with them.

Well, and the last, offered by psychologists, but doubtful from my point of view, is a way of evading a fight. It is appropriate, probably, if the fight is not a matter of principle. Here you can simply play a heart attack, an epileptic seizure, or something like that. Most likely, you will be left alone, and maybe also taken by taxi to the house. There are savings, both teeth and money.

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