Should I buy a slow cooker? Introduction to Multiplayer

This is a miracle invention, it is ingenious in its essence and based on three simple things: innovations in the field of non-stick coatings, the use of a timer and a temperature controller.

The idea of ​​an automatic rice cooker came to us from East Asia, and for the European market it has been modified to a recognizable compact device that replaces the stove, heavy frying pans, and pots with cabinets for storage. Convenient and easy to manage, maintain, it provides safety, cleanliness and economy. She can even use a child of six or seven years.

I admit, I am a fan and happy owner of three multicookers - in an apartment, in a country house, at work. I lovingly call them cartoons and invent them new recipes and methods of application.

In the presence of such modes as frying, baking (or baking), cooking (it is porridge / steam / stewing), you can cook almost anything that your heart desires. A multi-cook, it’s a multishef, is a very useful addition if your cartoon does not have enough of the necessary mode, or it is impossible to change the cooking time and temperature. And most importantly, everything turns out great!

Housekeeping note: the same process from one manufacturer may be called "soup", and the other - "quenching", and in fact - one hour of cooking at a temperature of 100 degrees. The established modes are applied according to their own understanding.

For 30 minutes, dinner is prepared in “Steam” mode: we put fish or chops on the grill, and in the bowl at this time let the potatoes or rice be cooked - tasty and healthy.

On the "Baking" mode, an hour has time to bake a piece of meat, chicken, vegetables. In 2–3 hours, the dough rises in the “Yoghurt” mode.

Simply?! Quickly?! Nothing extra!

The main part of this kitchen appliances - bowl. A cup with a Teflon and non-stick coating is easy to scratch, and it will serve a year from strength. Ceramic coating is stronger, it will be enough for 2−3 years. Graphite, marble, coal spraying are similar in properties to ceramic. But the coating, whatever it may be, requires careful handling - without metal and wooden devices, only plastic, better silicone.

After roasting roast beef or scrambled eggs, the griddle usually has to be soaked, then cleaned for a long time. The convenience of caring for a bowl surpasses all dreams: just walk with a soft cloth with dishwashing liquid and rinse with water, and if allowed by technical conditions, then immediately send to wash in a dishwasher.

Having studied the issue of the harmfulness of Teflon thoroughly, I can say that in the production of any coating polymers are used, which in the process of applying at a temperature of more than 1000 degrees emit harmful substances. The coating formed as a result of sintering does not emit any harmful substances when heated to a temperature not higher than 220–240 degrees at home. I believe that the issue was not sharpened without the help of the manufacturers of "ceramics". But no matter how carefully you treat the coating, scratches appear over time, exposing the layers of spraying and aluminum, and it is not harmless if you cook or store food in such a bowl.

And by the way, boiling porridge, potatoes, steaming does not need anti-burn properties. In this case, I bought additional bowls that can be washed in the dishwasher. For these purposes, there are stainless steel bowls.

Now a rare manufacturer produces one or another model of household appliances for over a year. If the bowl in the multicooker is unique and there is no adequate replacement for the scratches, then you will have to say goodbye to the cup and the assistant. And if the standard bowl fails, we simply buy a new bowl and continue to cook in the favorite device. In this regard, I recommend when choosing a multicooker in the main priority to put a choice bowl so that it was standard size.

The other main component of the multicooker is aboutlaid start. With a multi-tariff electric meter on a delayed start at night, the slow cooker prepares porridge, yogurt and brawn. If the bowl is completed with ham, then the ham. At the daily rate, before 17:00 o'clock, hot is prepared, which will not cool until 20:00, or it will be warmed up so that on returning from work the multicooker will meet the family with a tasty dinner.

And the third important - temperature controller + heating. Everything boils sufficiently, is baked without burning, the range of most multicookers varies. from 40 to 140−160 degrees - for proper nutrition no more is needed.

In this case, porridge is always razvararis, jelly is transparent and rich. For soups, stews and sautés, I first fry, then in the next mode I add all the other ingredients, and in an hour the dish is ready! And what an air cloud is obtained from an omelet in 10 minutes in cooking mode! I mix cupcakes, charlottes, casseroles in a bowl in which I bake. My principle is nothing superfluous.

Do you want to know the difference between premium multicookers and ordinary ones? Materials and build quality - of course. But it should also be noted that the vast majority of multicookers, from budget to premium, are produced at three Chinese factories, but are produced on different lines and with different technical conditions of assembly and control.

So, all expensive models are equipped with a steel reflector instead of aluminum, but this does not affect the properties and usefulness of food, since there is no direct contact when cooking. There is a multicooker for the price of a fur coat, and it can be buggy, as common people. Among other things, the cost of the bowl in expensive models is comparable to the cost of the multicooker of the middle segment. Of course, among Korean there are breakdowns, but I have more confidence in them.

However, more and more in the stores I meet multicookers-pressure cookers. The speed of cooking is completely crossed out by the noise and the fact that it takes 10 minutes to set and discharge the steam. Here I want to warn you that in order to avoid clogging of the valve, cooking of all types of legumes in pressure cookers is prohibited due to strong foaming, the valve is clogged thoroughly, and its cleaning turns into service. I consider this function superfluous, it only increases the cost of the device and does not provide advantages.

I have a simple pan-pressure cooker among the kitchen utensils for a quick break, in which you can release pressure in seconds by dropping it into a sink with cold water, and the valve is cleaned just under running water.

Summarizing the above, we summarize that it makes sense to acquire a slow cooker from a well-known manufacturer with a standard bowl, usually 4 or 5 liters. If you are on the verge of changes in your life and household, then it's time to give this wonderful assistant to yourself and not to forget your friends and relatives!

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