What smells valerian?

Its distinctive feature is its characteristic smell. In the ancient world, it was called "nardos", "backgammon" or "Nerd", which means "fragrant." Under such names he was mentioned in Egyptian papyrus, the Bible, the treatises of ancient Greek, Roman and Indian healers.

For thousands of years, Valerian has changed a lot of nicknames. Even now the people call it differently: maun, meow, feline root (it attracts cats so much!), Bog grass, forest incense, aromatics, sores, and dozens of other names. A modern name she gave Carl Linna.

Wild Valerian is found all over the world. There are more than two hundred of its species. But as you know, man does not expect favors from nature. Valerian has long been cultivated and grown. Sometimes it decorates gardens, it is bred as an ornamental plant. But there is another use for it - the leaves of some types of valerian are used as a salad. In America, it is added to liqueurs, in Cuba it is used to flavor Havana cigars.

Some people adapt themselves not to drink valerian, but to sniff, inhaling three or four times alternately one or the other nostril. Such aromatherapy before bedtime. It is said that already after the first month of such an action the nervous system is strengthened, the person seems to be born anew, as his condition improves. This is the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, atherosclerosis, impaired cerebral circulation, heart and other diseases.

A small linen or gauze bag with valerian next to your pillow will save you from insomnia. Put this bag next to the pillow, and the faint smell of healing herbs will make you sleep every night.
Baths with the addition of broth valerian are useful to those who want to calm the nerves, get rid of excessive arousal, adjust the heart after nervous stress, reduce blood pressure. A similar effect has a bath saturated with valerian infusion vapors.

Whether the effect of Valerian’s smell alone is so beneficial, or is it just self-suggestion that the future will show, “science is not yet in the know.” It is only known that none of the numerous substances that make up valerian can be attributed to the decisive therapeutic role. And only in the complex, and only at a sufficiently high concentration, they have a healing effect.

The smell of valerian is pleasant to many living things. Which causes its unexpected use. For example, if you want to collect earthworms from the whole neighborhood in the compost on your hacienda, add valerian to the pile. Very soon the compost will turn into a wonderful fertile humus.

With the word "valerian" always associated drops, heart, nerves and ... cats. After all, everyone knows how greedy these animals are for valerian. So, if stray cats celebrated themselves under the doors of your apartment, do not grab the heart, do not waste your nerves, and sprinkle the threshold with valerian - not a single cat will spoil it where it smells so good.

And not only cats "baldeyut" from valerian. Here in Wales they believe that a girl who wears a piece of valerian root in a belt or corset is always attractive not only for cats, but also for men.

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