What is useful cabbage?

Fiber cabbage improves the motor activity of the intestines and has a positive effect on the development of beneficial intestinal microflora. In addition, fiber helps to eliminate toxins and cholesterol from the body, which prevents atherosclerosis

"Nurse of the bowel"
That is the name for sauerkraut, because it contains lactic and acetic acids, which suppress the development of putrefactive bacteria. From cabbage to the brine passes many useful substances, so it is used as a dietary product with healing properties. They drink it to improve appetite, in case of liver diseases, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids.

The use of brine for hangover is widely known in Russia. Popular wisdom says: "Eat cabbage before drinking - do not get drunk, eat after - disperse the hops."

Drink brine and to combat tapeworm: 20-30 days drink 500 ml during the day before meals.

From Russian folk recipes
Cabbage leaves boiled in milk mixed with bran were applied to the affected skin sites with weeping eczema and scrofula.

It was believed that sauerkraut juice helps from epilepsy; raw juice drives a wart; brine sauerkraut prevents the spread of "Antonov fire" (gangrene), etc.

In the last century, the anti-ulcer property of cabbage juice was proved. It turns out that already in the first 5–10 days of taking fresh cabbage juice, changes occur in those suffering from ulcer disease. The state of health improves, pains abate, ulcers cicatrize. As a rule, after 1−1.5 months, recovery occurs.

In Russia, cabbage was used to treat digestive disorders, liver and spleen diseases, purulent wounds, burns, eczema.

Crumpled Cabbage Leaf
“If you have a cancerous ulcer on your chest, attach a crumpled cabbage leaf and it will cure it. He will cleanse wounds and cancer ulcers and heal them when no other plant can help. ” This prescription by Cato the Elder, an ancient Roman writer and statesman, may seem like an example of an ancient sorcery. For modern people, it sounds weird. However, the advice of Cato refers to the time when the healing properties of plants were known far more than they are now, and were widely used.
Although today for crumpled cabbage leaves do not recognize the ability to radically heal breast cancer, the presence in cruciferous vegetables of biochemical substances that are favorable to this, is proven.

Medical recipes from cabbage
Traditional medicine recommends eating salads from fresh cabbage, drinking cabbage juice, delaying these growth of malignant tumors.

A tablespoon of chopped cabbage roots (fresh or dry) pour 0.5 liter of boiling water, leave, wrapped, 8-10 hours, drain. Take ¼ cup 3-4 times a day 15 minutes before meals as antitumor means.

Take the head of fresh cabbage, cut the stalk and, without peeling it, cut it very finely. Then pour sunflower oil. 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves of a tartar pour 300 ml of boiling water, draw, wrapped, 30 minutes, drain. Drain the stalk juice, squeeze it, mix with the infusion of a tatarnik and drink in the morning on an empty stomach in one step. Recommended for oncological diseases various localization.

Rinse the root of 1 large head of cabbage, chop, dry, pound into powder, sift. 3 tablespoons of powder pour 0.5 liters of red wine, insist in a dark cool place for 14 days, shaking the contents periodically. With oncological diseases take 30 ml 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. After 10 days, take a break for 10 days. The course of treatment is long.

Reception of fresh cabbage is contraindicated: for pancreatitis, after surgical operations on the abdominal cavity and chest.
It is not recommended to eat fresh white cabbage in case of diseases of the thyroid gland, in case of especially acute exacerbations of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, and in case of gastrointestinal bleeding.
We must be more careful with taking cabbage and those who have acute enterocolitis, accompanied by diarrhea.
White cabbage juice should not be drunk with increased acidity of gastric juice (stimulates the secretion of gastric glands), the symptoms of "irritated stomach."
Sauerkraut is not very useful for peptic ulcer, gastritis and pancreatitis.
A large amount of sauerkraut due to the content of salt harms hypertensive patients, people with kidney and liver diseases. For such patients, the cabbage must be washed from the brine or fermented with a minimum amount of salt - 10 g per 1 kg of cabbage.

These are the amazing properties of our ordinary cabbage.

But despite its amazing properties, I highly recommend Before resorting to traditional methods, be sure to contact your doctor and consult about the possibility of using one or another prescription to treat your body..

Only strictly following the instructions of a highly qualified doctor, you can make the right decision.



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