How to make a gift with your own hands? Photobook.

Professional photographers often offer to arrange their work in a photo book - album, wherein photos are printed on its pages, and not inserted into the pockets or on magnetized pages. More often, consent to such a proposal deprives you of a fairly decent amount of money (15–45 thousand rubles). Why such expenses if you yourself can make this unusual, but original and pleasant gift? So let's get started.

In order to build a photo book, you need somewhere to take an electronic version of the pictures you are interested in. Now almost everyone uses digital cameras, so you shouldn't have any problems. In extreme cases, scan the paper version, but then learn that the image quality may deteriorate dramatically. You can choose any theme for a photo book: wedding, birthday, study and / or graduation (at school, college, kindergarten), child's growing up, travel, etc.

Then we find on the Internet a special program for the construction of photo books. It is a layout of the future pages of the book, on which you have your own pictures on your own. Or, if you really do not want to mess around (but then why did you start it?), You can choose automatic filling, and the program will arrange the photos in a predetermined order. The option with personal filling will take you a little more time, but the book will acquire individuality and will certainly become more interesting.

The program gives you the opportunity to choose the size and number of photos you post, their design (frames, masks), background pages. You can also make a signature or leave on the pages of the whole story.
Included with the program you are offered a small set of styling tools, but no one will stop you if you suddenly find this kit too small (and it always seems so!) And you decide to download a couple of dozen frames and backgrounds from the world-global. You can also add pictures to your pages (animals, flowers, clothes and furniture, tools, etc.). Experiment!

After work with the layout is over, for the last time admire your creation. At the same time, check if there is anything superfluous on the pages (allocated space for text, not deleted picture, etc.). Now you are ready to send the book to print. About the place of printing is usually written in the same place where you downloaded the program itself. Pricing can also be viewed there: from three hundred rubles for economical version 15 × 20 in paperback to one and a half thousand rubles for a quality gift in the size of 30 × 30 in hardcover.

The process of creating a photo book (as well as searching for all new frame-masks) is very exciting, so be on your guard: your family may begin to express their dissatisfaction with your frequent stay at the computer. Be vigilant and Good luck to you in creating masterpieces!

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