What can happen when a person begins to manipulate others? About the novel by Francoise Sagan "Hello, sadness!"

A young girl named Cecile carelessly spends the summer with her father and his regular passion on the Mediterranean coast. Idyll violates the arrival of the girlfriend of the deceased mother Cecile. Anna Larsen is so charming and graceful that the existence of a love triangle very soon becomes apparent. Cecile loves his father and bows to Anna, considering her the standard of elegance and femininity. However, when her father informs her of his intention to marry Anna immediately after returning to Paris, Cecile, tormented by jealousy of both of them, begins his game ...

The main character understands that with the appearance of Anna and her father’s life, inevitably changes will occur. They will no longer be able to lead their usual idle lifestyle, but will begin to submit to the ideas proposed by Anna. Of course, it is driven by good intentions, but Cecile does not want to put up with the dictatorship of the woman whom she so sincerely admires.

A large part of the narrative is devoted to the “internal throwings” of the heroine. Then in a fit of anger, she builds a plan on how to destroy the relationship between Anna and her father. That, repenting, is ready to admit the plans. Blinded by her conflicting desires, Cecile does not give herself time to properly understand what is happening.

But youthful maximalism was not as harmless as one might think. A friend in love with Cecile and abandoned for the sake of Anna the girlfriend of his father become ideal accomplices for the main character. Without plunging into doubts and remorse of conscience too deeply, she begins to manipulate the people around her, trying to instill in her father jealousy towards the young mistress abandoned by him. As if checking how far she can go, Cecile forces the situation in all possible ways. As an experienced manipulator, she tries to predict the reaction that the words and the situations she has set up will trigger.

Even if a person manages to make others behave in accordance with his desires, will this ultimately bring him joy, or at least satisfaction? Maybe people feel sharper than it seems, and at some point their actions will become unpredictable? What tragedy will lead the game with the imaginary "love triangle"?

Released in the middle of the last century, this book created a real sensation in the intellectual society. It is known that she suddenly made 19-year-old Francoise Sagan a famous writer. The bestseller, as they would call it now, was translated into 30 languages ​​and filmed. “Hello, sadness!” Is included in all kinds of book collections and lists of “must-read books.” Why? Perhaps because there are no moralizing and naive promises to fix everything and start to live again. Despite its emotionality, the story is sustained in a realistic manner and gives a very definite answer to the question: “What can happen when a person begins to manipulate others?”

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