What to give to family people? Part 3. Gifts for children

In the life of each of us there are children. And there comes a time when even the work is relegated to the side, and dear children are coming to the fore: relatives and godparents, nephews and grandchildren. They need to indulge and surprise, delight and love. And so like Andersen: "Give the whole world and ... a pair of skates to boot!".

A huge pile of adults breaks their heads and climbs out of their skin to make the child's birthday memorable. If such anxious copy appeared in your team - please support it at this difficult time!


Educational mats. The most common and practical gift. In a large transparent box with a convenient handle. The rug crawls onto the floor so that the baby can rustle with pasted grass, tear off colored berries, rattle the bells and stroke the bears on the shaggy back. Such a model of the world in miniature. A complete set of tactile, visual and auditory sensations!

Gift Certificate. You come to a large children's supermarket and issue a certificate for happy parents. Next is their concern: what and in what quantity to choose for the amount allocated by your team.

Big soft toy. We tumble into the bus with a big lace roll, laughing and imagining the eyes of a freshly baked mother. The man sitting in front quickly gets up:
- Girl, sit down, you are with the child!
“Uh ... Actually, it's a bear.” Here ...
I turn the bag out, where a button eye is looking, and the passengers begin to smile.
Controversial gift !!! You simply give an extra dust collector, which, moreover, will take up a lot of space in the apartment. Newborns themselves do not perceive toys at all larger than themselves ...

Wall calendar. Pre-request a photo of the baby or a few pictures of the whole family from the parents and give them to the designers. From the collage of photos can get a good family picture in the frame. And the image of the beloved child will decorate the apartment for a whole year and smile at guests. And you will be remembered with a kind word for an unconventional approach to the gift.

Something bright and thundering. Rattles of safe materials, rubber ducklings and crabs - for swimming, hanging garlands of dwarfs and fish, attached to the playpen and stroller. I remember my one-year-old nephew was delighted with the plastic constructor. First, almost two hundred cubes and wheels could collect almost everything. And secondly, all these parts were folded into a large plastic jar, which Igor hanged on his shoulder and ran around the house, thundering heartily. Pictures with the image of cartoon characters are also suitable - they will decorate any nursery and create a rainbow mood.

Hand-foot impression. The most original gift! These can be plaster prints on a decorative wall plate or a small table pedestal with bronze cams and feet. Below - a touching signature: "Seryozhe year." And when the next baby appears in the family - the parents will make the same composition, where they will write “Alenka” or “Masha”.

Flower in a pot. A real living gift! A good alternative to an aquarium with fish, which is more difficult to care for. You can stick a sign on the pot: “Andrei’s Tree”. Such a gift option is possible in two cases:
- if the offspring's parents are big lovers of greenery and will be able to inculcate in a growing child a love for His flower
- and if you have a light hand on the flowers, i.e., you are sure that the flower will not wither, turn yellow and fall out of the pot while you are paying for the purchase and are near at all.

What will be asked. The easiest and most boring option, because in this case the flight of your imagination is limited. If they call hysterically: “We do not have an envelope for an extract!” - run after a convenient and practical, with laces and satin ribbon. They will say: “We need a carriage!” - go to the wholesale base (specify the colors that parents prefer!) Well, if you hear: “Give money!” - no comments (make at least an original, beautiful envelope for cash!).

Gift Continuation. You can simply come to the house of a small birthday person lightly, taking only a camera or a camera - this will be the version of your next gift. From this you can make a movie or wall newspaper, a personal photo album, a book, or even a large screen of photos. Such a gesture will be pleasant to the whole family!


Zhivchik - A lot of ice cream, games with clowns, painted Indian masks and departure of paintball families.

Techies - radio-controlled toys: robots, cars, helicopters. The game "Manager", which finally brings the whole family together.

Persistent - a kite that needs to be glued together. Puzzles, sets of beads or wooden slats "Do it yourself".

Advanced - player, mobile phone, headphones.

Sensitive - a real guitar, a disc with your favorite music. Notebook with a bright inscription: "My successes" or an album for the wishes of friends and the recording of favorite poems and songs.

“Everybody's childhood was interesting, no matter how it passed!” - says Andrei Makarevich. Tune in to the inner world and the dreams of the little man, make sure that the birthday man remembers the gift itself, the appearance of the guests, and the atmosphere in the house. Just be the real wizards! Good luck!

Watch the video: EID MORNING OPENING PRESENTS family fun kids vlog video (January 2020).


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