What TV series to watch in September? "Goldbergs", "Trophy wife", "Back in the game", "Millers"

The ABC channel and director Seth Gordon (“Horrible bosses”, “Office”) offer a new sitcom “Goldbergi” about the life of a very close-knit family. Every member of the Goldberg family is incredibly charismatic: mother is loud, father is ignited as a gas canister from any hot glance, and not less eccentric children grow up and mature, according to their parents, ahead of schedule.

The action takes place in America, the eighties - the retro theme is now very popular in the series ("Americans", "Motel Bates", "Mad Men"). The TV show is interesting because the script is based on a real family - the family of screenwriter Adam Goldberg, whose childhood and youth were spent in the same eighties in exactly the same noisy and incredibly loving family.

The series involved Wendy McLendon-Covey ("University", "Office", "City of predators"), Jeff Garlin ("Handsome", "Without feelings", "Alien ticket"), Troy Gentile ("Handsome"), George Seagal (“There are two faces at the mirror”, “Handsome men”, “Private practice”). The first episode can be seen on ABC channel on September 24th.

“Trophy Wife” (“Trophy Wife”)

Another very interesting premiere is offered in September by the ABC channel. This comedy TV show “The Trophy Wife,” which tells a cute story about how the avid party girl Katy performed by Malin Akerman (“Romantics”, “The Guardians”, “Handsome”, “Suburb”) falls in love with a man and gets his enormous the family in the face of three unbearable children and two ex-wives, who are, of course, extremely critical.

The producer of the series Christopher J. Connolly is already known to us from the TV Shows “One Tree Hill” and “Beverly Hills 90210”, and the script for “The Trophy Wife” was written by Emily Halpern (“Private Practice”) and Sarah Haskins.

In addition to Malin Akerman in the series, we are happy to see Marsha Gay Harden, whom we know and love from the films “Meet Joe Black”, “The Mysterious River” and the TV series “News Service”, “Dear Doctor”, “Body Investigation” and many others . In addition, Raymond Lee (“Zoe Hart from the Southern State”, “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “How I Met Your Mother”), Natalie Morales (“White Collar”, “News Service”), and also the cutie Bailey Madison (“Bridge to Terabithia”, “Pretend to be my wife”, “Once in a fairy tale”). The first episode of the season will be released on ABC channel on September 24.

"Back to the game" ("Back in the Game")

The ABC channel really pleases us in the new season with comedy news. On the same day, September 24, the first episode of the new comedy family series of sports topics “Back to the Game” will be aired.

The idea of ​​a sitcom is the life of a former female athlete after completing her sports career and how she copes with the realities of her new life, raising her son on her own after divorcing her trainer husband. Needless to say, the topic is sore, often touched on recently, so the creators of the series Glen Fikkara and John Rekua (“Bad Santa”, “This Foolish Love”) offer another look at this problem. Thus, we will see a masculine view of women's difficulties, so it is not surprising that we are being asked to laugh at the problem.

The former athlete played by Maggie Lawson ("Pleasantville", "Clairvoyant", "Ambulance") is incredibly charming, and her friend performed by Lenora Crichlow ("Black Mirror", "Being a man", "Doctor Who") is so charismatic that overshadows the main character. In addition to them, James Kaan (“The Godfather”, “Misery”), Benjamin Koldyk (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Michelle Betts (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”) are engaged in the series.

“The Millers”

CBS channel has prepared for its fans a gift in the style of “How I Met Your Mother” or “The Big Bang Theory” - a new comedy “Millers”, about how parents' quarrels affect the life of an adult who has just survived his son’s divorce. Americans, according to tradition, managed to find something funny even in such a sad situation, as a result of which they turned out to be another sitcom.

Since the director of the television show is James Burrows, we can expect a vivid picture and jokes of various kinds. And since the script was written by Gregory Thomas Garcia, the series should be cute and emotional in the spirit of “My name is Earl” and “Raising Hope”.

The cast is impressive: Will Arnett (The Soprano Clan, Sex and the City), Margot Martindale (Dexter's Justice, Force Majeure), Bo Bridges (Desperate Housewives, White Collar) and Alexis Krause (“First Aid”, “How I Met Your Mother”). On September 26, the first episode of the season will be released on CBS.

And this is not all the premieres of the serial September ...

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