Do you want to play drums?

The drums! A great percussion instrument that was invented a long time ago. Let's talk about acoustic drums. That is, those who occupy a lot of space in the apartment.

During the wars they used drums to support the ranks and raise the spirit of the infantry. Well, let's not delve into history now, but proceed directly to the installation that exists now.

At the moment, the standard drum kit consists of the so-called “iron” (cymbals) crash, ride (ride), hi-hat (hi-hat) and drums - high volume (high tom), low volume (middle tom), snare drum, floor tom-tom (floor tom) and bass drum (bass drum).

But many groups, due to their rather heavy style of music, use additional drums, such as gimbal (two pedals for the bass drum), two bass drums, additional tom-toms, cymbals, etc. The configuration can be very different. Each drummer must arrange the drums so that, firstly, it is more convenient for him to play.
So, something I started wrong ...

Where to buy and what to buy?

So, let's talk about what to buy and where to buy it all. It will not be difficult to buy all this and it will not add to your problems and troubles, but still it is necessary to take the choice of a store where you will buy it all. It is best to look for a professional store that sells tools for rock music. That's where you buy yourself a normal tool. It is even better that this store is the official intermediary of famous companies such as Yamaha, Sonor, Zildjian, Tama, Mapex, etc. This is the “World of Music” store. There are a lot of companies that produce really good tools and we will not list them here, since it will take a lot of time.

Now about the price. On drums you have to spend a little more than on the guitar. The average price of a standard installation ranges from 15,000 rubles to infinity.

Agree, 15,000 rubles is not much for such pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, many psychologists have recognized the drum set as a good means for relieving stress, depression, for splashing negative emotions through beats on drums. So, if you often have stress or quarrels in the family, you do not need to beat the dishes or something else, just knock on the drums and everything will pass. Here is another reason to buy a drum set.

If you come across a percussion instrument for the first time, I advise you to buy a set of a standard drum set. When buying, ask a consultant to knock in order to listen to the sound of the drums. And then ask permission to knock yourself, and if you like the sound and color of the drums, feel free to buy.
You will also need drum sticks. More precisely, they can not do without. This is the main element in the drum set. Sticks also choose by color, length, volume, etc. That is, choose at your discretion, and find out the quality in the store where you will buy drums. Their average cost is 300−500 rubles.

Diligence, perseverance and aspiration - the path to success!

Drums - a tool that requires decent effort. Not in the sense that when you play, you need to strain (when you play the drums, you don’t need to strain your muscles at all), but in that it requires training efforts.

One of the main points in training is perseverance. Behind the percussion instrument, you must sit for two to three hours a day. You will be exhausted, tired, but this should not be a hindrance to your learning.

And the last moment is aspiration! If you have a huge, inexhaustible amount of desire and will, you can forget about the first two points. They both replace the desire for success.

At last

Of course, I will not give you lessons for the simple reason that I am not a teacher, but an ordinary person who only knows how to play drums. For lessons, buy a tutorial, and even better, take individual lessons from a musician who is professionally involved in playing the drums. Fortunately, in big cities there is an opportunity to choose a tutor both for the price and ability to give lessons and for professionalism.

I can only wish good luck in choosing a tool, a tutor and, of course, good luck in learning. The main thing - do not throw training. And one more thing, or rather even my personal request - believe in yourself! Tell yourself:

- Yes I can! I'm done! I will be able to! - and you will succeed!

Good luck!



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