Is it possible to get away from ... myself? About people, space objects and life roles

Maybe it should be with intense reflection? Sometimes a decision matures for many months, but in no way takes certain forms. It is not easy for a melancholic manager to admit even to himself that the question is becoming ever more relevant for him. Which one - it is not difficult to guess: about leaving the organization on voluntary permission.

And it is even strange to realize that in the office nearby there are other people who talk about something, even laugh at times. And you feel yourself planted in a glass jar, which is then compressed, then expanded, and then the cycle repeats.

And what happens around? Well, of course! Again, the courier Misha granted - brought a whole bunch of correspondence to the management. And now he is telling something - he is in his repertoire. Today it is clearly occupied by the space theme.

... Reviving around really starts to annoy! So pulls to say some sharpness! The melancholic manager could no longer hold back emotions:

- What do you mean there? - With a touch of rebuke, he said to the all-knowing courier. “That Pluto is no longer a planet?” It has long been known to all.

Misha was not even embarrassed:

- Yes, this is a trans-neptune object. Pluto is too small for the planet. In addition, his orbit is elongated. Perhaps such as he - a lot. By the way, a good company can turn out.

The manager, leaning out of his vacuum, asked in an instructive tone:

- Why does it take you so? You might think some kind of morality is hidden in all this. And who set the criteria and standards for the planets? People?

“Well, not the Martians,” Misha was already defending himself. Today, his story is clearly not very friendly.

The melancholic manager again gave vent to the words:

- What kind of trouble is Pluto due to the fact that on a distant Earth, incomprehensible beings called “people” have deprived him of their planetary title? Is he from this - decreased in size? Or did the orbit take another form? Or maybe the chemical composition has changed?

“Yes, it doesn’t matter to Pluto,” the intelligent lady accountant said wearily, “the ice ball floats to itself in the far expanses. Around the Sun for 250 years makes a turn. Here it is - a plutonous year. When it is over, in a distant Earth, more than one historical epoch will change.

Some of the employees more actively connected to the conversation:

- And Pluto is beautiful. Brilliant, smooth, silver.

- I read that it is light brown.

- It is a pity that not gray. I imagined that Pluto is the same color as ... Well, as I waited.

Misha realized that it was time to take the initiative:

“Pluto is a planet after all.” Only dwarf.

There was a pause, which was soon interrupted:

“Oh, reminds me of some of the employees in the offices!”

Everyone stared at the melancholic manager:

- What?

“Nothing,” he answered almost rudely. - The analogy is the most direct. At the lowest positions sit. The duties are endless - like Pluto's orbit. While you are spinning - the day will pass, the year ... And the whole life.

From these arguments, the audience became sad. Courier Misha, meanwhile, went to the next objects. Today, in terms of entertaining stories is not the best day for him. The rest continued to think over the remarks of the melancholic manager:

- Is it possible to abandon the role of a trans-Neptune employee? If, for example, go to another organization?

“It won't help,” the manager replied sadly. - On new open spaces behind you old image will be tied. No matter where a person goes, he will not go away from himself. Surrounding - this is his mirror. As he perceives himself, so do others. I tested it on my own experience. And I'm afraid of repetition.

- Then it turns out that it is impossible to get out of pathetic roles?

“Maybe it is possible,” the manager said wearily, “but for that you need to change yourself.” Put a lot of effort and patience stock up. After all, there will often be a temptation to drop everything and slip into the previous positions ... - the melancholic manager faltered: he himself faced a difficult choice and it was clearly not a pleasure for him to continue this topic.

Silence hung in the air. For many, the problem was also very relevant. However, the strict lady of the accountant all this is particularly hurt by the living:

- What to throw something? Do these trans-Neptunian employees even know what they want? Well, yes - live beautifully all hunting. Are there any goals? Or just amorphous dreams? If you ask someone what he wants to do on planet Earth, then “uh-uh-uh”, “well, uh-y” and other interjections will begin. In a word - sometimes there are small people with exorbitant inquiries.

The mood of those present was completely gloomy. To defuse the situation, the lady-accountant began to tell how she recently acquired a gold ring with a miniature diamond. At the same time, she did not fail to notice with pride that she had bought for a quarterly bonus, moreover, the store had a discount.

But it did not cause much excitement. And the melancholic manager sighed:

- Sorry, Misha left. Otherwise, he would surely tell you how a giant diamond was discovered in space. It's kind of an extinct star in which carbon has turned into a crystal. Eh, from those peaks none of our tiny pebbles would seriously take ...

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