Why do dogs howl?

Rimma’s pension is minimal. Pay housing and communal services - there are tears! They lived from hand to mouth and the hostess, and her pets.

Residents of the entrance quarreled with a lover of cats and dogs, but the animals were sorry.

Rima put three plastic bowls at the door of the apartment, and neighbors on the floor, cursing the stench and the zoo, out of the kindness of their soul brought the remaining food for cats and dogs. The angry neighbor on the right, Nikolai Petrovich, said that she had not ten or fifteen tails. Four cats with a cat, the other dogs.

Our apartment was located to the left of Rimma, through one, but on the contrary lived a mother with a violinist daughter studying at a music school.

- Spread the kennel! - irritably threw me a spouse. - Poor neighbors! As they just stand! Sheer nightmare on the floor. Stinking, barking, howling ... and opposite the violin! Canine orchestra with violin overture! I told you, grandfather, you need to change the apartment.

- Who will buy it? - the spouse silently shrugged. - And yesterday she dragged another bald on three paws! Nikolai Petrovich started a war with her, he went to the precinct.

- Empty chores. What does the precinct?

- Do not say, the power is still ...

- It is necessary to write to the management company - housing office, and to the sanitary epidemiological station. There unsanitary solid! Knee deep! She never locks the door to the apartment. Someone will open, unknowingly, and can bite!

“Why would she lock up?” What does she steal? Cockroaches? Yesterday, Rimma wore chicken bones, so she almost got her nose - she stepped on a bowl at the door.

- You scold her yourself, but you have suffered food. What for?

- So sorry for the beast, the hungry ... howl! All shabby, shabby, exactly mistress! Grandfather, what do you think that these mongrels howl? After all, do not bark - howl! Peace do not give.

- I do not know. From a good life you can not win! Thank God, they are not people, but they would have wept! Everything is going up, pensions for life are not enough. Serve them meat with stones, but you cannot buy cottage cheese with kefir! Not to bananas with oranges! Everything is indexed, indexed for a hundred rubles. The president said inflation is falling. Maybe they have a fall in the Kremlin, and we are getting poorer and poorer. Meat for the second year did not buy, only chicken! There is not enough medicine!

Any creature that need? To the sun warmed, there was no war, hatred. To eat it was something, a roof over your head, and most importantly, to be treated like a human being, in fairness, so that your soul was open ...

And these tailed - they are also human beings. And howl, probably, from hunger, loneliness, longing, and most likely from bondage. They are street. They need space, and then prison! Here and howl from the life of a dog!

Tails down, hiding between the legs. It means that life is alarming, not to our liking!

- I, too, a psychologist! I saw yesterday: Rimma was walking in the yard with a bald black dog, so she has a tail - hook! What do you think, everything is in sadness, and one rejoices! Why did it happen? You do not know!

- And I do not want to know. When did you go for the mail, the son called. Will arrive today. I promised Petrovich that he would advise him on how to deal with Rimma. He says that in his law office someone led such a thing. True, the respondent was a catwoman, so what the difference ...

In the evening, the son Sergey came - the head of the law firm. Called Nikolai Petrovich. He came with a student's notebook and pen.

“Well, listen, Nikolai Petrovich,” began Sergey. - Your case is not as simple as it seems. I only conduct criminal cases, but in our office there was one such thing. Led by his lawyer Leon Lyberman. I talked with him today and looked through some papers. The fact is that the legal aspect of animal care is of concern to many, and their living in apartments is not sufficiently regulated by Russian law. So, one neighbor filed a lawsuit against another with the requirement to remove all cats, and this is impossible for court practice in the case of animals living in isolated apartments.

- And how to be? After all, it is impossible to live! - sadly exclaimed Petrovich.

- It is necessary, Nikolay Petrovich, to correctly and correctly formulate a claim. And the fact that without a trial will not do here, and a no-brainer. But if your neighbor is not set to war, you must first try to solve everything in an administrative manner. Apply to Rospotrebnadzor, the management company and the district administration. Write complaints about the violation of your rights as an owner: smell, insanitary conditions on the landing, at the entrance. If this does not solve the problem, you will have to go to court.

The difficulty is that the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 449 “On streamlining the maintenance of dogs and cats in cities and other settlements” does not identify many legal issues that impede the practice of courts. What kind of pets can I have in the apartment? The law is not spelled out. A citizen can start a habitual cat or dog, as well as a tiger, alligator or python. There are no direct prohibitions regarding the possibility of keeping and number of animals in an apartment in the law, the main thing is that their stay does not contradict the rules of the hostel.

- Yes, what are you, Sergey! We just do not have enough tigers with pythons! If only Rimma with a violinist would let him down!

- With a violinist easier - decide with her mother. But dogs are required by law to be registered, owners must have a certificate of vaccination against rabies and treatment for fleas, depriving and other dangerous diseases. And your Rimma has no such documents, and it can be brought to administrative responsibility.

- God knows what! - muttered Petrovich. My wife and I sat open-mouthed by all these wisdoms.

“You need to push insanitary conditions,” said Sergey. - Violation of sanitary norms and can be the basis for filing a lawsuit.

And the court will not prohibit the maintenance of cats and dogs and their liquidation - there is no such rule of law. She can be fined and ordered to pay the plaintiffs a certain amount of moral damage. But this is all in theory, but in practice it is full of problems: the owner of the apartment has the right not to let anyone into the apartment, but it is necessary to draw up an act on the sanitary condition of the apartment.

“In general,” said Sergey, “there are few cases where it was possible to defend the interests of the plaintiffs, and if moral damage is satisfied, it is in a very small amount that is not commensurate with the amount of the court costs.

“So, in your opinion,” Petrovich breathed, puzzled, “will we have to endure this howl and sniff the kennel for the rest of our lives?”

- No, of course, we must fight. I just inform you that the matter is not simple. So, think ... to have or not to have!

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