You do NOT need success. What to do to avoid it?

There are many tips for those who want to succeed in life. I would also like to go the other way and consider actions that will surely drive out any hint of success from our lives. So, what do you need to do so that success will bypass you?

Pity yourself

This is a necessary condition to achieve nothing in life. After all, surely you are too fat, too poor, you have a poor education or terrible diction. You certainly will not help, do not even try. Initially, there can be no question of going and trying. No, no and NO! You are too weak and unhappy for this.

Engage in what you hate

Of course, you have an unloved job and absolutely no time for your favorite hobby. Where there, after all it is necessary to work! You need to earn money and spend your life on the hated occupation. Think about it, because you spend at work for 8 hours a day - almost a third of life.

Blame others for your troubles

Of course, it is others to blame for the fact that you feel bad. The government does not care, others do not appreciate, relatives do not like. Nobody wants to help you, how cruel! After all, you are such a good person! Why does nobody notice this?

Compare yourself to others more often.

If you successfully apply the first three points, then the comparison with those around you will certainly not be in your favor. Another reason to pity yourself. Others are what, hoo! And you are absolutely nothing at all ... With such a competition, you will definitely not succeed, you shouldn't even try!

Communicate only with dissatisfied lives

This will certainly emphasize your rightness in the sense that you have no chance of success. After all, Petrovich says that there is one thief all around and life is unfair. It is clear that honest people still remain in the cold. Success comes only to rogues!

Do not strain

Do not try to be too active and overload yourself. You already get tired, spending every day for several hours on unloved work. Do not be too diligent in any way, why do you need it? At work, you can create the appearance of vigorous activity, so that the authorities do not swear. At home, you need to lie down on the sofa and stare at the TV. And what else can you do in life?

Do not notice the opportunities and prospects

Even if at some point it becomes possible to change life for the better, in no case do not believe it. Surely this is a setup. You will be thrown, deceived, robbed, you will not win anything in any case. What are the prospects? You would have to stand for a day and a night. Life is, as you know, a dangerous thing ...

Following these tips, you can live a very long time, although not very happy. But why not be a sort of “wise Piscar,” who never wants to take risks? In the end, not such a big deal, this success. Just think, we will live without it. Seryenko, boring, somehow, but we will live ...

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