Where to find really unique souvenirs?

1. The unique Cohiba Behike Havana cigars are packed in 40 pieces in exclusive Elie Bleu Humidors made of cedar and finished in shark leather. The price of the box - a total of 100 pieces were produced - is 9,320 euros. All the cigars from this batch are made by the honored spinner, veteran of El Laguito tobacco factory in Havana Norma Fernandez. She turned these cigars for half a year, selecting the best tobacco from the legendary Vuelta Abajo region. Interestingly, the name Behike is taken from the language of the Indians who inhabited Latin America in the pre-Columbian era - then they called Behike sorcerers, healers and shamans. The taste qualities of these cigars are known, probably, only to Norma Fernandez herself - experts say that they are too expensive to just smoke and grow in price.

2. Having been in Indonesia, do not forget to grab the most expensive coffee in the world - “Kopi Luwak”. Please note that “Kopi” in Indonesian means “coffee”, and “Luwak” is a small animal, a type of civet. Lyuvak loves coffee beans, selects the ripest and best, but eats much more than he can digest. Undigested grains, after passing through the intestine of luwak, are exposed to its enzymes and, as Kopi Luwak fans believe, acquire a unique taste and aroma - this type of coffee has a caramel flavor and smells of chocolate. A kilogram of coffee, which Luvac helped to create, costs from 300 to 400 dollars.

3. An exotic fruit called lychee grew on a four-hundred-year-old tree. Lychees are called “royal” fruits and are carefully guarded by plantation workers. The rare tree grows in the city of Cengchen in southern China, and each fruit is worth 67,050 dollars.

4. From South Korea, as a gift to their acquaintances aquarists, it is good to grab goldfish. Fortunately, these gold souvenirs are relatively inexpensive - at $ 1,500 per copy. According to feng shui, these fish bring happiness, luck and well-being - so it may be a good investment.

5. Fans of all Japanese in memory of this amazing country will benefit from a ten-centimeter figure of the Japanese hero Astro Boy. The rocket boy has become one of the symbols of the manga industry. Inlaid with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, this toy will cost you $ 828,720.

6. What to take from France, the question is usually not worth it - of course, champagne! Fortunately, for lovers of exclusive gifts, Perrier-Jouet has released the world's most expensive champagne, Perrier-Jouet 2000 Belle Epoque. If you hurry, you can get in the number of the lucky ones - because the bubbly drink is made in a limited edition of 100 sets. The cost of each - 50 thousand euros. Thus, the record set by Dom Perignon in 2005 was broken - at that far time exclusive champagne was sold for only 12 thousand euros per bottle.

7. China is such a big country that it is impossible not to buy a couple of souvenirs on its expanses. For example, if fate brings you to one of the northern provinces of the Middle Kingdom, then for only two million dollars you can buy a 26-centimeter platinum shark, decorated with 4276 diamonds. A touching reminder about yourself to a fan of diving and the movie "Jaws".

8. If you visit New York, you can bring along a souvenir for a familiar collector of toy cars. The unique toy car from Hot Wheels was presented at the international exhibition of toys in New York at the American International Toy Fair. This cute trifle worth $ 140,000 was made in honor of the 40th anniversary of this brand. Tuning a toy car made jewelers from Jason of Beverly Hills.

9. Those who trust your exquisite taste from London, you can bring as a gift the most expensive perfume in the world. It is presented by the fashion house Gianni Vive Sulman and is called V1. As its creators say, "the fragrance is a symphony of the smell of jasmine, a rose, and some other natural ingredients that we would prefer not to divulge." The perfume vessel worth 89 thousand dollars is made of platinum, gold and crystal and decorated with diamonds. By the way, Michael Jackson has already bought himself a couple of bottles.

10. By the way, if you are in Las Vegas, it is not at all necessary to bring a casino piece or cowboy hat along with an Elvis Presley wig as a souvenir. As a unique souvenir, the so-called five-star butter will come down - “the best butter in the world”, worth only $ 49.95, produced by Five Star Butter Co. (founded in 1999) especially for the most demanding gourmets.

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