How to make an unusual wooden photo frame?

Very little time passed, and other masterpieces began to appear. It was possible to experiment with everything: from its usual clay, into which various Lego cubes were squeezed, and ending with the gluing of various butterflies and other insects and animals, which can be made from paper.

At my home, unfortunately, not a warehouse of frames, so when the old ones ended, she decided that the new ones also look boring. In a moment, it was decided that a few plasticine men should be stuck to the small frames. On the glass - stick something.

I thought she would stop at that, but no: she was very interested in the framework. And she decided to make her own frame, not only of wood, but of plasticine. She blinded the frame itself, put it on a cardboard box, and then pasted the picture in the center. It turned out pretty good. The copy was made in a reduced format so that it can be put on the table for Barbie.

Looking at these works of art, I wanted to write this material to give a couple of tips for improving the boring framework.

If you have the old frames lying around somewhere, then you can not only transform them beyond recognition, but also make exactly the thing that would be suitable for the photo itself.

Unpainted wooden frames can be painted in different colors. In my version it was the usual markers. You can use acrylic paints or gouache. Also, the usual wooden frame can be pasted over with various applications. It can be all kinds of butterflies, bear cubs or bunnies.

On the glass frames you can stick some figures or, for example, toys from “Kinder surprises”, which many had in their childhood. And if they are not at home, you can buy in any store. You can create a substrate for transparent frames. For example, if a photo is placed in the frame itself, where you conquer some mountain in Germany, it would be reasonable to put a larger photo as a substrate, with a view of this mountain.

For the rest, with the framework you can do whatever your heart desires. For example, recently my sister and I made a big collage of our children's pictures. We pasted the cut photos into a frame of 20 × 30, and pasted over the edging itself with feathers, which we collected from our grandmother.

As you can see, to make an exclusive frame, you do not need to have great talent. The main thing is to come up with a design for the future masterpiece and start to realize it. If you already have ideas, you can start today.

Watch the video: 10 DIY Ways to Make Unique Crafty Photo Frames !!! (January 2020).


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