Should I visit NonGnooch in the country of Siam?

In Thailand, many go for a "get-together in nightclubs" and vacation at sea. However, not only this is a nice country of Siam. Not far from the famous resort of this country is the tropical garden NonGnooch. This amazing botanical miracle is located a few dozen minutes from the city of Pattaya or a couple of hours from Bangkok.

The cost of admission is relatively small and together with the transfer is about 800 Vants, the Thai currency is read as “baht” (data for autumn 2007). This is if you use the services of travel companies, but you can go there yourself, using the services of a taxi. What is remarkable about this amazing place?

The fact is that NonGnooch is inconsistent throughout the year. And there are practically no chances to see two identical gardens. For each holiday, employees of the tropical garden planted certain floral arrangements, in particular decorate the individual garden ensembles.

In addition to the uniqueness of NonGnooch, which gives an incentive to visit this tropical garden from a visit to visit to Thailand, it has a number of other advantages that make it not only desirable, but rather, even mandatory to visit it.

One of the first advantages is undoubtedly the presence of various types of plants and trees. Some of which exceed the human height by several dozen times. Special "enclosures" are devoted to certain types of plants: the orchid park, the "plantations" of cacti and many others.

Another advantage is the mini-architecture. NonGnooch presents small copies of various buildings: there is Stonehenge, and an English park, various Buddhist buildings that fit organically into the architecture of the garden. In addition, in a tropical garden there is also a mini-zoo where you can meet an albino cow, various butterflies and other fauna.

Every few hours in the tropical garden there are performances by local artists. They play in front of the audience a variety of scenes from life: a Muay Thai fight, a siege of a fortress, a battle on "fighting" elephants and other views. After the end of the theatrical performance, everyone is invited to watch the performances of elephants. Where, among other things, you can feed these animals and even complete an elephant massage course.

But even in the most beautiful there is always a flaw. He is present in NonGnooch. Moreover, it can only be called a flaw with great stretch. It is hot. If the tropical garden itself is just hot, then where cacti grow, it is unbearably hot. That is why it is better to visit NonGnooch in cloudy, cloudy weather when the sun is not scorching so much. Or, if this is not possible, then stock up on drinking water and sunblock cream.

But one thing is for sure: it is imperative to visit the NonGnooch tropical garden.

Watch the video: Nong Nooch Village Tour, Pattaya Thailand (January 2020).


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