How to learn to love yourself? Memo for beautiful women

Do you consider yourself the most beautiful, desirable and unique? Have you learned to love yourself and appreciate your femininity? Or the love of yourself seems to you the privilege of only selected beauties?

In reality, each of you receives in response from those around you what he thinks of himself, it all depends on how you “present” yourself. What a woman deserves is what she gets, and each of us already knows that in order to have a happy life you need to learn to love yourself. But many women have a question: “And how is it, to love yourself? What do you need to do to learn to love yourself? ”

For this you need:

1. Recognize your uniqueness and exclusivity.
Stop comparing yourself with others, looking for flaws. Remember: you have no flaws! All your "flaws" are mostly exaggerated and contrived by you, besides they are most often your exceptional features. You are what nature created you, like you, no longer in this world and never will be! There will be others alike, but not you. You are the only one, unique, with such a cut of the eyes, with such a nose shape, an oval face, lip contour. These are your individual features, and most importantly, that you yourself seemed beautiful and attractive.

“Nature never repeats itself. From the very beginning of its existence, there were no two similar snowflakes or raindrops. And each daisy is different. Our fingerprints are as different as we are. So conceived by nature. If you are ready to accept it, you will not constantly compare yourself with others. To try to be like the other is to dry your soul. We came to this planet to express ourselves. ” (Louise Hay from the book "How to Heal Your Life").

2. Take care of yourself.
We can all love someone, seemingly know how to do it. For example, we know what our child needs, we think that he should eat at the right time, go to bed at the right time, we should buy him new boots, otherwise these old ones get wet, we should please him with the desired toy, favorite treat.

Tell me, who cares about you so much? Who, if not you? If you love someone, you know what you need to do and you can apply all the same to yourself. Yes, love yourself, indulge, treat yourself, your female soul as a fragile child who needs affection and care, who wants an attentive and careful attitude to herself. Think about what your body needs, your body needs. Maybe it’s time to buy some fruits, vitamins, maybe it’s time to relax, relax, get positive emotions. It would be nice to go to the pool, to the sauna, to the theater or to the cinema. And how long have you bought yourself beautiful clothes and various pleasant female trifles: perfumes, stockings, good cream, jewelry?

3. Understand that you deserve the best.
What do you choose for yourself beloved: all the cheapest and most unpretentious or high-quality, though not cheap for the price? Each of us deserves the best! And even if not often, but you really need to buy yourself really good, high-quality things. To wear these things with pride, to know that your body is worthy of the best fabrics, the most pleasant sensations.

4. Pamper yourself.
Think what you want most, listen to your feelings. And try to give your body and your soul what they need. Women need to pamper themselves, take care of their body. It is very good that there are many services for us, beautiful: spa and fitness centers, massage, manicure and beauty treatments. Women should not refuse these procedures, they should not deny themselves the pleasure of being beautiful. Taking care of yourself, your body, you will automatically increase self-esteem. This is the pleasure and relaxation that everyone needs. Your arms, legs, face should be beautiful. Love your body and try to give it a pleasant pleasure. So you feel welcome, well-groomed, feminine and seductive.

5. Remember that feminine strength lies in weakness.
“No matter how strong a woman is, she is waiting for a man stronger than herself ... and not so that he restricts her freedom, but so that he gives her the right to be weak”. Do not be afraid to ask for help, to appear weak and helpless. This is the whole female attraction. In helplessness, tenderness, in a woman's pretty weakness. Next to such a fragile and “weak” woman, men feel like protectors, heroes, and knights. They have a belief in themselves and in their masculine authority. Men, they are like children: “The house of a man is his fortress, but only outside. Inside it is most often a children's room. ” (Claire Luce). So let men be strong, let them take care of us women, protect them, and we will give them our love, our beauty and femininity.

Dear women, let us be smart and beautiful not only on holidays, but also always, because every day of our life is the holiday and the miracle of being in this world! And we deserve to be in it the most happy, desired and loved. Everyday!

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