How did the recipe for oatmeal jelly from a fairy tale get into my cookbook?

I read - well, just a guide for good mother-in-law! “Well met his mother-in-law. Put potatoes on the table, salted mushrooms, fish pies. And then she poured something into the bowl that he never ate. And it is sour and sweet, not thick, not liquid, not cold, not hot. Tasty! I would eat yes! Two bowls Ivanka eaten. And he asks for the mother-in-law:
- What are you doing this?
- Kissel is oatmeal! Do not you know? "...

What kind of jelly is oatmeal ?! Here, in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, the drink “Buza” is very popular. But this is jelly. And kissel is not a booze! It is always interesting for me to learn and, if possible, I supplement my knowledge with cooking. You can ask the neighbors and the Internet to search, but I decided to first ask my compatriot from another city, she is Belarusian by nationality. After all, the Belarusian fairy tale. It is also more interesting - to search, learn from your friends, remind about yourself, communicate, and invite you there.

I found it through the Internet. How long have I been looking for her in due time! Apparently, it was destined. But to meet like this is unusual - not a coincidence either. How glad she was at our virtual meeting! Thirty years later, as I finished school, I left that city of my childhood. After, finally, we filled the void of information about family affairs, children, gradually turned the course of conversation to questions on cooking, so that she had photos with food on the table.

Reached and kissels. Aunt Natasha always cooked jelly as much as I remember. This is her horse. But it turned out that she did not make it from oatmeal. How to be ?! Once I took it, there is a beginning, you need to bring it to mind. Aunt Natasha is also a pretty lively and interested person. “Come on, I'll ask my sister. For a long time did not communicate with her. I will look, I will find, I will ask, I will write! ”It is said - done.

We decided with her to wait for what she would write to Minsk to her sister and ask. But, as it happens, it didn’t work out right away. A busy person can not always get in touch. She answered only in two weeks. Natalya Konstantinovna became so interested that even the most interesting. And here, in correspondence, we laughed, because we thought it was difficult to do, we did not expect that it was so easy. Moreover, this recipe “walks” everywhere on the Internet.

The recipe for oatmeal, like in a fairy tale. It is necessary to buy oatmeal (100 g), rinse it several times in a liter jar. Then pour the rump with warm water or milk (2 cups). He says, and "Hercules" will do. Leave for a day in a warm place, for example, close to the battery. The croup will swell. This mass should be infused for two days.

After that, you should filter everything, squeeze the grits or grind through an iron sieve. Cook gruel until thick. You can add salt and sugar to taste. Someone adds honey (I wrote this from the Internet, all of a sudden, someone who likes to use it). And the truth - it turns out delicious. And how nutritious!

Bon appetit and good health to you! And from Natalia Konstantinovna - hello!

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