Who needs a flying car?

Soon it will be possible to celebrate the centenary from the moment the idea to make the car fly. But until now, almost all well-known developers use two basic concepts - a mixture of a car with an airplane or a helicopter, from which practically everything they have been squeezed has been squeezed.

Huge KB to no avail are struggling with the problem of antigravity, trying to reconcile the principles of jet propulsion with the requirements of security ...

... Thinking people hope to implement the principles of flight of birds or insects. Perhaps this would be a good solution. But there are no satisfactory practical results yet. It is possible that this direction will someday give the best solution to the problem. Although it may be that the dimensions of the flying objects of this principle of action are limited by some physical laws. A man needs dimensions that correspond to his body.

But what a tempting idea is to create a vehicle that does not move in a dangerous neighborhood in the same plane with you, sometimes at a distance of several centimeters, but somewhere high above your head, almost in another dimension. How much space will be released immediately! We do not pay attention to the birds that fly over our heads until they themselves are noted.

Probably, many people would like to have an efficient, massive, easy-to-use flying car. Estimated requirements for a flying car are as follows - dimensions, external shape, cabin equipment should be about the same as existing cars.

The main difference is the absence of wheels, which will simply not be needed, because the device must be so clearly controlled at any height that it can move along existing roads like a hovercraft. At the same time, the amount of air emitted should be minimal so as not to interfere with others. But, given the ability of the device to fly free, it is likely that movement on a horizontal surface will be minimized - for example, limited to access to a parking place, entry to covered rooms such as garages, etc.

For a ground vehicle, the mass is not critical, only the energy consumption for moving is critical. For a flying car, this expense includes maintaining the device itself in a limbo. Therefore, the ratio of its mass to the payload should be minimal — for example, 1 to 1, maximum to 3–5.

At the moment, this criterion does not allow the flying car industry to develop, their mass production. Another limiting factor is their price - both the cost of production and the cost of operation (including the requirements for safety).

Summing up these requirements, we can say that an effective mass flying car should have the following properties:

1. Compactness.
2. Maneuverability.
3. Efficiency.
4. Reliability.
5. Ease of maintenance and production.

In case of finding a successful solution to all these issues, a flying car will be created. What will bring us his appearance?

Among the positive results that can come from the invention and the mass production of flying cars, include such aspects: we finally get rid of the huge traffic jams, the air in the cities will become cleaner, and the cities themselves will spread apart and merge with the natural landscape. We can quickly and comfortably move to the desired point of space - whether it is work or a place to rest.

However, the idea of ​​a flying car, seemingly so attractive, carries a lot of pitfalls that are imperceptible at first glance, but which are sure to manifest - if it becomes a truly mass phenomenon.

We should not forget that progress brings humanity not only benefit. Objectively, we can say that the main and almost the only advantage of our time is comfort. He has to pay a high price.

The modern standard of living is saturated with stress, generated primarily by the speed of processes beyond which our body and brain cannot keep pace. The earth is overpopulated - this is also a consequence of technological progress. In this case, health, the main asset and the guarantee of a happy existence, the vast majority are not at their best. Another obvious result of technical progress is the poisoning and destruction of the biosphere.

Who of motorists did not dream that their pet could fly? I will not talk about situations with traffic jams. But, for example, when going outdoors, who did not want to move to an inaccessible point away from the road? Sees an eye and a tooth grows You come to the river - you see wonderful places on the other bank, but it is very difficult to reach them by car. Perhaps a rubber boat would have helped - but if the company is large, you will not transport all of them, and you don’t want to leave the car unattended. Moreover, upon closer inspection, a beautiful place may not be so beautiful, or is located in a much larger distance. Itself suggests an alternative - a flying car. But if everyone has it, its benefits will immediately disappear.

It would be great if only you (or me) had a flying car, in a pinch, a select few. But this is not the case - if it is created, it will inevitably become a mass phenomenon. At a minimum, secluded corners of nature will disappear, which can now be reached only on foot. The “blessings” of civilization are everywhere. At any point, unwanted neighbors will be able to join you at any time. And the fact that "a lot of places" still does not say anything.

The human right to privacy will be violated or substantially suppressed. At the same time, rich people, for the sake of whom this device should be created first of all, will suffer more than usual ones, as they are accustomed to a more closed existence. Imagine such a picture - the sky above your head is always filled with flying cars, wherever you are. Their passengers, completely unknown to you, have an excellent opportunity to observe you and your personal life. To protect yourself from this, high fences will not be enough - an air patrol and private airspace will be needed. That will automatically pull up new problems.

In addition, the flying car will easily be used by terrorists, who with its help will be able to deliver their deadly cargo to anywhere in the world, while remaining very well hidden from the controlling authorities. To do this, they will not even need to purchase their own flying car - they will steal the necessary unit in the same way as ordinary cars are hijacked. In addition, various other criminals will also be able to hide from the crime scene much more effectively - for example, after a bank robbery, it is possible to take refuge anywhere in the world, having overcome existing borders much more easily.

All inventors of flying cars act on two motives - either this desire to have a personal apparatus for their own pleasure, or - the desire to earn big money with relatively little effort. Fortunately, while all their attempts remain fruitless - something, of course, is happening, and it is possible that the desired result will be achieved in the future. Perhaps someone is already thinking about a fruitful idea. At the same time, they are not aware of the harm that their invention can bring.

Drawing an analogy, it can be compared with a Kalashnikov machine gun - this is a technical achievement and many people around the world curse its inventor. But he wanted "the best." Most likely, the same waits for the inventor of the flying car.

So the best thing - both for humanity and for the inventor himself - to abandon this idea until a new, much more convoluted tangle of problems has been created that takes our life to a new complex level.

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