How to go to the hairdresser and whether to follow these rules?

Consider specifically a trip to the hair salon, what will the popular wisdom advise us in this regard? You can never go to an unfamiliar master. It is very imprudent and even dangerous to trust your hair to a stranger, he can irreparably ruin your aura. Very important floor barber. It is highly desirable that the master was a woman if you are a lady, and vice versa.

Ticket from Leningrad. What do grandmothers remember over a cup of tea?

The narration will continue to go from her face ... Having received vacation pay, I pasted wallpaper in the apartment. And then a friend calls and offers to go on a tour to Leningrad. I dreamed about it for a long time, but after the repair there was no money left. Asked her husband - refused (miser!). Then I asked the youngest teenage son - to give me the gold chain, which he found in Gorky Park, at the bench.

How to identify a drug addiction in a teenager?

The effects of addiction are usually irreversible. As the disease progresses, personal and physiological changes are increasing, there are manifestations of social and psychological degradation, signs of physical “failure”. It is almost impossible to recover from drug addiction, bona fide doctors and patients honestly admit the fact of remission (disease retreat), but not a complete cure.

Why and how to move to the province? Part 1: why?

I would not recommend at first to consult with someone in this matter, and even just share the idea! Especially with relatives, if you are not sure of their ability to think objectively. Understanding by the inhabitants of the metropolis, you will not find. And if the decision has not yet been strengthened, you can be persuaded. Do not think that they can not, by common efforts!

How to control your goals? Part II - principles.

There are things that are immutable and eternal. Whatever goals people put, whatever opinions they have, and whatever methods they choose, there are still things that almost all of us see, understand and use in the same way. Maybe they can be called ideas, character traits, axioms of human existence.

What is a dream come true?

A waking dream is a form of dream that only arises during our waking hours, while ordinary dreams happen at night when we sleep. That's the whole difference. After all, both of these phenomena occur when a person is relaxed to such an extent that what is happening around him does not exist. In this case, his thoughts can be carried wherever they want.