How to catch burbot on the first ice?

"Matish"? Ready! "Deutsch" ... What are we on schedule? Exactly, tomorrow there is no Deutsch. In physics ... So control in the past lesson on mass and inertia was. Ur-ra! Did not ask ... A "Russish"? He is the last lesson. At the big break I will have time to roll over at Tanki. Textbooks ... Notebooks ... Diary. In the briefcase ... In the briefcase! Look like that's it.

Is my life, or how do people live?

... I had an important meeting the other day. Two representatives of the local company X turned to us with a request to create a software product X for their well-known company in the city, which was engaged in the production of labels for matchboxes. Representatives followed the passage from point A to point B and told us that for several months they had been searching for the necessary equipment, which had been prevented from buying by its high cost, the “grenades of the wrong system” - not exactly the equipment, then something else.

Hedge: how to make a fence "out of nothing" and in vain?

Protection not only of the house and other buildings on the site, but also of the site itself - fruit trees and shrubs, flower beds, even just the land on which they can throw garbage from the neighboring sites, put cars (and if the site is well run over, then you can say goodbye to dream of a flower garden at this place, or you have to invest a lot of energy).

Is there an alternative to cottage in the suburbs? Ten reasons to spend the summer in Druskininkai

And in recent years, Russians and Belarusians come here with their entire families, and even large companies from several families. There is a completely different rhythm of life, unique opportunities to quickly restore health and energy due to the chemical composition of local mineral waters, the famous peat mud and mild Druskininkai microclimate created by magnificent pine forests, relative humidity of about 70% and prevailing westerly and southwesterly winds.

What is self-education?

There are two news here - bad and good. The bad: hardly anyone will take care of your education, if you are already more or less an adult (or a child whose parents do not know how to raise children) Good: you can educate yourself. That is, to engage in self-education. How is self-education done? You'd be surprised, but - simple.

Greed is a vice or? ... Part 2

How great would be the disappointment of the lovers of Christmas stories, in whom a millionaire appears from nowhere, distributing hundreds of thousands to the poor (that is, those overwhelmingly who do not want to work) if they knew that the nature of altruism is easily explained. And the nature of this hormonal phenomenon, namely, it directly depends on the level of oxytocin in the brain.